Tuesday, 10 March 2009

best review ever?

I think so!


CASTROVALVA Castrovalva (Brew Records)


This young band's first full release on the Brew label, and from the outset serious case of 'What The F**K??!!'

The two piece band (drums, bass, noise manipulation) kick off with 'Max Rhodes', a driving bass line that is hypnotically alluring and extremely annoying at the same time, worsened by the fact that everything is distorted.

Some interesting work, between metal, rhythms and axe work; occasionally disjointed, but the big problem is the noise. Between feedback and distortion this leaves your brain, eardrums and bowels numb and fuzzy. It's not a pleasant feeling. **

Review by Joe Geesin

Joe Geesin, will you marry us? xx

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